2020 NEWS

"Tu Experencia Educativa Virtual"

October 26th, 2020: The past 3 weeks have been very interactive and fun with the students from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Bayamon. For the last week our participants used the Design Thinking Process to focus on a specific aspect of the new virtual learning experience. The students also had the opportunity to bring one of their users and test out their ideas in the last day of class.

¿Wouldn't it be amazing to actually have everyone want to be at school everyday?

"Reto de la Mochila"

October 19th, 2020: Our students dug deeper in the design thinking proccess to create a backpack for a particular user.

"Reto de la Mascarilla"

October 16th, 2020: Wouldn't it be amazing to actually have everyone want to be at school everyday? In these hard time, we at CDTIE are designing curriculum to provide meaningful virtual teaching experiences. In the spirit of Design Thinking, testing our prototypes is important, we are thankful to the students who have volunteered to be our curriculum testers. These fun and engaging experiences are part of the virtual classroom that our current students attend.

September 25th, 2020: The course gave the participants the opportunity to create a week prototype to improve one of their "Koupas". They will implement it throughout the week and develop it.

Next week, Tuesday 9/29/20, at 5:00 p.m. AST, we will be joined by an amazing guest speaker, Cybel Betancourt. She has been a college professor for the last 20 years, created her own business, "Buenas Cosas" and has recently written her own book : Yo valgo 18 Quilates.

September 18th, 2020: Week two of the "Designing Your Life" course brought us together with 12 people from all over the world. The participants got to create a visual mind map that portrays where they currently are in life and where they want to be.

CDTIE is really excited to see more of our participants work.

September 11th, 2020: The "Design Your Life" course launch day has arrived! The course is led by our one and only, Fakoukaki Twins. CDTIE is excited to see how the next 3 weeks go.

Tomorrow, we will have Jeffrey Reyes, one of our guest speakers talk about empathy and how we can get a better understanding on people. Jeffrey works for the American Red Cross and focuses on Diversity Inclusion.

August 21th, 2020: We are offering our 4 week course, Design Your Life from September 11th to October 2nd (every Friday at 12 p.m. AST time)!! The focus of the workshop is goal setting and taking that first step to start improving your future.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN THE NEXT 2 YEARS? How about the next 5? If you dont, we love to have you partcipate and help you, everyone is welcomed. If you are interested please fill out the form here.

Your BEST Yesterday!!

Design Thinking Introductory Workshop

August 21th, 2020: In collaboration with Youth Innovation Network (YIN), our new Program Directors led their first workshop!! Luis Obregon was the host for the day supported by Jamani Wilson (behind the scenes). CDTIE is excited to see what happens next!!

Showing Prototypes!!

August 18th, 2020: For the past 2 weeks our new Program Directors (Luis, Paola, Jamani and Kamila) have been working on their first Design Challenge with fashion designer Jill Pillot!! Today they shared their prototypes with Jill and got amazing comments and feedback from her.

Casa Grande MOU!!

August 14th, 2020: Center for Design Thinkin and innovation in Education signed their first MOU with Casa Grande!! CDTIE

Finishing Diseñar Tu Vida!!

July 31st, 2020: The 5 day long course of Designing your life has comed to an end. CDTIE recieved amazing feedback from our participants that will help us iterate the class in the future.

Diseñar Tu Vida Launch!

July 27th, 2020: CDTIE's Diseñar Tu Vida (Designing your life) curriculum has been under iteration for the past couple of months. Diseñar Tu Vida is a course meant for students to become co-creators of their own learning and create a path for their future through the use of Design Thinking. The class also helps the user to be more empathetic, build upon others ideas, develop critical thinking, develop creative problem solving and take initiative.

Our New Executive Director

July 6th, 2020 : Cybel Betancourt joined CDTIE as Executive Director today! Cybel is an educator, speaker and leader developer. As a part-time business administration professor, she has engaged in the development of student’s small businesses. She is a passionate public speaker who focuses on professional and personal development. She has been in the higher education industry for over 20 years and is also the founder of Buenas Cosas LLC. She strongly believes education is the key to changing the world one person at a time, because investing in your personal development can open the doors to anyone’s future.

CDTIE Confirm

June 18th, 2020 : El Pueblo Unido has transitioned to its' new phase. Epu is known as Center for Design Thinking & Innovation in Education (CDTIE).

Personal Development and Decision-Making Workshop

April 16th, 2020 : Our guest speaker, Cybel Betancourt, joined our call today. Cybel has collaborated with EPU for the past year by providing workshops. She has facillitated a numerous amount of undergraduate students that taught exploration classes.

Intership Launch

April 13th, 2020: El Pueblo Unido is hosting a two week online internship. We had 7 interns who focused persona/professional development, soft skills (public speaking, anxiety management, negotiation, time management), etc.

Amanda and Fabiola are in the middle of a stoke!!

Tyler, Jesus, Alanis, Kamila and Michelle are discussing public speaking.

Jesus, Alanis, Kamila and Michelle are in the middle of a Design Challenge, the "Morning Routine"

We need your help!

January 2020: EPU is asking for everyone to help out nuestros hermanos de Guayanilla! The recent earthquakes in the south of Puerto Rico really took a toll of the people in the devestaded community, especially the students who can't attend school.