CDTIE's core program is EntreSesiones. EntreSesiones is a 2-week period in which schools take a break from regular classes and insert 10 days of Mentoria, Laboratorios de Diseño and Exploraciones.

During EntreSesiones, students start their day in Mentoria; a small group experience designed to make sure they can be productive at school that day. Then spend the rest of their morning in d.Labs where they study the theory of Design Thinking and tackle themed Design Challenges (Hecho en Puerto Rico, for example). In the afternoons, students choose from a wide variety of Exploraciones classes (robotics, cosmetology and farming, for example). These classes are led by professionals from the community with the support of school staff.

Current EntreSesiones:

Academia Espíritu Santo

Since the pandemic started, education has become harder. Less interaction and more hardships to face. In the school year, 2021-2022 CDTIE and Academia Espiritu Santos started working together and implemented EntreSesiones in the school.

Past EntreSesiones:

In the school year 2018-2019, the program was fully implemented at Escuela FMC with dramatic impact on student enrollment and both student and teacher attendance. FMC student performance in standardized tests also improved that year.