2019 News

November 1st, 2019: First Intersession open house of the year in Escuela Francisco Manrique Cabrera!

October 28th, 2019: Intersession launch to our newest partner, Escuela Tomas "Maso" Rivera.

October 23rd, 2019: Starting the second year of intersession at Escuela Francisco Manrique Cabrera!

October 9th, 2019: Teacher Training at FMC to prepare the first intersession of the school year!

October 4th, 2019: El Pueblo Unido leads Mindsets workshop for Enactus UPR Bayamon.

September 23rd, 2019: A very big day for EPU!!! Today we have launched our second school, Escuela Asunción Rodríguez de Sala, into its' first full two-week Intersession program. Mentoria, Design Labs and Exploraciones.

September 10, 2019: El Pueblo Unido had a workshop at UPR Bayamon

August 20th, 2019: World Mosquito Day, EPU met with Ecoexploratorio and they are excited to partner with us for our Explorations program.

August 9th, 2019: This week, EPU Program Directors launched training at the two new schools that have joined our program:

  • Escuela Asunción Rodríguez de Sala in Guayanilla

  • Escuela Superior Tomás "Maso" Rivera in Toa Alta

Both schools will have their first Intersession during the first two weeks of October 2019.

July 18th, 2019: The Program Directors just finish the summer design challenge with the P.R.I.T.S interns. Today is also the last day Jose Obregon is working as Executive Director, as he is finishing his Gap year and getting ready for college. Thank you Jose for all the work you have done for EPU, you will always be part of this family!!!

July 16th, 2019: El Pueblo Unido organized a brunch to thank the exploration teachers that helped out in the first three intersession. Our program thanks everyone that has helped make this year successful. The upcoming Thursday will be the last day that the program directors work with the P.R.I.T.S interns on the Design Challenges.

July 1st, 2019: Our program directors in PR have worked with with summer interns at P.R.I.T.S to share Design Thinking and work on some design challenges. This coming weekend, the EPU team will be having a 3 day work retreat in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

June 9th, 2019: Two EPU Program Directors are in New York City helping Walkbout Consilient School with training of public school teachers in Design Thinking. Carely Mendoza and Claribel Lopez, recent graduates of Escuela Especializada FMC, are representing our program and helping with the launch of a new public high school in The Bronx

January 25th, 2019: Ribbon cutting ceremony establishes Escuela Especializada en Design Thinking Francisco Manrique Cabrera, as the first traditional public high school, in the world, to adopt a comprehensive four-year Design Thinking program.

  • "Design Thinking: potencia intelectual educativa encaminada a la transformación de nuestro universo!" - Rebeca Liz Fuentes (Directora de escuela)

  • "We are so proud to be associated with the visionary and committed educators at Escuela Especializada FMC and be supporting them with this historic initiative. #haciendohistoria" - Jose Obregon (Director of El Pueblo Unido Program)